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A Healthy Home

 Healthy Homes TX provides a purification service for your home using PROBIOTICS.


Probiotic Disinfection

Probiotics: A Revolutionary Way to Clean Your Home

When your kids come home from school coughing and sneezing, do you reach for the bleach, even though you have misgivings about its safety and effectiveness?

There’s a better way: probiotics.

Healthy Homes TX uses good bacteria to fight pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Probiotics play a key role in protecting your home environment by forming a defensive barrier against disease-causing invaders, making everything safer, cleaner, and healthier.

But this spray says it kills 99% of germs?

Germs replicate at an extremely fast rate. There are two problems with killing only 99% of germs: First, bacteria replicate very quickly. The 1% of bad bacteria left on your surface has replicated a million times over by the next day. Second, when you use these products, you kill both the good and the bad bacteria, causing an imbalance in the surface environment. Without the good bacteria, bad bacteria can turn into superbugs, like E.coli, Staph, and MRSA

We already have a cleaning service.

That’s great! Our technicians come in after your cleaning service, applying probiotics to kitchen cabinets, countertops, tables, toys, light switches, door knobs, and any other surface that has a high risk of contamination. We recommend a probiotic treatment every 30 days, and as needed to combat colds, bugs, and other illnesses.

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When was the last time you cleaned your light switches? Our probiotics cover all surfaces, including countertops, cabinets, toys, rugs, and light switches in your home.

We recommend this service every 30 days


My daughter suffers from asthma so I wanted to ensure our home was allergy free. I put Healthy Homes on a routine schedule and her asthma is so much better.

-Lindsay S-

My daughter suffers from asthma so I wanted to ensure our home was allergy free. I put Healthy Homes on a routine schedule and her asthma is so much better.


Thank you Mr. Will Denton and your crew for coming by our home today. You guys did an outstanding job! The house feels and smells so much cleaner. In and out in no time and the house feels brand new. Such an easy process and worth every penny. Even got the car taken care of which is greatly appreciated.

If you have not acquired their services yet I would highly recommend doing so as soon as possible.

Truly, truly appreciate it sir!


-Joshua Furrh-

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked Healthy Homes To come to my house, but I was pleasantly surprised. They disinfected our house from top to bottom in a few minutes. I have two young boys and ALL the toys you can imagine! They were able to get the toys, in the kid’s rooms, kitchen cabinets, our master bedroom, etc. It’s been 4 weeks and the boys have started swim lessons and summer camp- we haven’t had any colds or sickness. It’s given me so much peace of mind to know that our house is germ free and I think it has kept us healthy!

-Stephanie Stowell-