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The Benefits of Home Probiotics

what are the benefits of a home probiotics cleaning?

Throughout the day anywhere we visit in public, we are subconsciously concerned with the cleanliness of our environment. In high traffic public spaces like the grocery store, parks, or the mall, we are keenly aware of all the germs that may be lurking. Washing your hands often is a must. But have you given much thought to all the bacteria that may be lingering around your home?

We all agree to the importance of a clean home but what products are you using to clean your home? The home which is supposed to be a haven for safety can unwittingly become an incubator of illness. While harsh chemicals may kill bacteria, what impact do they have on the overall health of your home?

Traditional chemical cleaning products introduce chemicals that are unsafe for children and pets. Strong chemical cleaning agents also indiscriminately kill off harmful bacteria as well as the healthy bacteria in the household which can result in tough resistant superbugs.

At Healthy Homes TX we take a different approach to traditional cleaning that challenges conventional thinking. Rather than using harsh and aggressive cleaning products, we embrace probiotics as a superior clean agent to purify your home. As a result of our unique home cleaning methods, your home’s environment will be clean and preserve the vital role of healthy bacteria.

Experience for yourself how big of a difference cleaning with probiotics will make on your family’s health.

Some cool tips you should know


Eliminates 99.9% of germs that include illnesses such as the stomach bug, flu, strep, and staph


Reduces allergens and asthma


Strengthens immune systems


Removes molds and odors


Kills NEW bacteria and viruses that land on the surfaces


Natural, pH neutral, organic, safe for people and pets


Eco-friendly Ingredients


No phosphates, chlorine, or other hazardous chemicals

Experience the difference of a probiotics cleaning

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